DENOIR Cosmetics
[De Nuh-waar]

The Clean Beauty Brand for Women Of Color.

Shockingly (or perhaps not), too few beauty brands sufficiently invest in cosmetic products that complement the diverse complexions of all women. While the beauty industry has made some recent progress, the burden remains disproportionately high for women of color to find complimentary shades for their skin tones.

Enter Denoir Cosmetics or Denoir for short. The direct translation of the name is a portmanteau of the words “of black.” This symbolizes not only the creative force behind the brand, a black woman, but also the thoughtful design (from the beginning) for women of color—across the spectrum of shades.

With diversity at the forefront of our mission, Denoir was created to deliver reputable cosmetic products that accentuate the natural and diverse beauty of women of color. At our core, we are a brand that offers a premium inventory of products — providing all women with a range of options fit for every occasion. 

Sustainability and safety are two other core pillars of Denoir’s values. As such, all our products meet Credo’s clean beauty standards, the strictest standard in retail today. Credo has banned over 2,700 ingredients used in many mainstream brands for sustainability and safety reasons. For context, Europe has banned 1,300 ingredients, and the United States, less than 30. What does this mean for our customers? All our ingredients are not only ethically and sustainably sourced, but also vegan. We refuse to compromise the health of our people and planet for the sake of profits.

Denoir believes that from a beat face to a natural look, lipstick remains a staple. So, with that in mind, we decided to focus on lipstick as the main product of our first launch!