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DENOIR Cosmetics
[De Nuh-waar]

We are Denoir Cosmetics or Denoir for short. The direct translation of the name is a portmanteau of the words “of black.” This symbolizes not only the creative force behind the brand, a black woman, but also the thoughtful design (from the beginning) for pigmented skin tones—across the spectrum of shades. At Denoir, we believe that beauty knows no bounds, and neither should clean beauty.

More Statement, Less Noise

Denoir perfectly blends elegance and comfort. Achieve comfort from fuss-free application. Exude elegance with a sophisticated and and sleek finish. Denoir helps you create chic, yet timeless looks.

Look good, and Feel Good

With a dedication to clean ingredients and uncompromising quality, we’ve done our research to make sure our formula meets strict clean beauty standards. Our commitment to clean beauty means that every product is formulated with integrity, and is free from harmful toxins and cruelty. Head over to our Ingredient List, to learn more. Why look good, without feeling good?

Beauty is Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Each product is intentionally designed to accentuate the natural and diverse beauty of pigmented skin tones. We consider both undertones and overtones in this process. At our core, we are a brand that offers a premium inventory of products — providing all women with a range of options fit for every occasion.

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