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Next Stop, Denoir.


Welcome to our blog! We thought we would use our first post to share a little bit more about the brand and what you should expect when tuning in to our blog!

A little about us!

What are three words that embody the essence of Denoir? Dynamic, Alluring, and Mindful.

What's the story behind the name of your brand? French is Naomi's native language, inspiring the French root of the brand's name. The direct translation of Denoir is a portmanteau of the words "of black". This symbolizes not only the creative force behind the brand, a black woman, but also the thoughtful design for women of color.

What's something that people don't know about Denoir? Naomi's sister, Stessy, is the one that actually came up with brand's name!

Why should we tune in to the blog?

We will talk about all things beauty. From the latest beauty trends to conscious beauty info, our shared content will focus on relevant information that helps consumers make informed purchase decisions!


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